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The Power of Digital Inspections

Pinon Properties - Monday, February 25, 2019

We have been in business in Santa Fe for a long time now, and along the way, we've learned how to serve our property owners better. One of the most powerful tools we use is a digital platform for property inspection. We conduct numerous inspections for properties on behalf of our owners; from move in/out inspections every time a tenant changes to yearly examinations to make sure everything is fine with your property.

The Old Way
In the old days, you'd walk through a property with a piece of paper check-marking the condition of the rooms. Some companies might even take photos with a digital camera to note imperfection and fixes. It was an antiquated, subjective method for inspection.

The New Way
We now use an application that allows us to note the condition of every room in the house, every appliance and everything on the outside. We also digitally record imperfections, cleanliness, and fixes. Also, we photograph everything, and it automatically files together with the appropriate area, giving us a digital inspection of your property for all of us to review.

Why is this important?
Not a lot of companies do a thorough inspection of your property and even fewer pay for the ability to conduct them in a useful digital manner that allows you to have user-friendly access to them. These inspections ensure your property is correctly taken care of; it saves you money, and time between tenants. A property management company should always have an eye on your property.; this is why we continue looking for better ways of conducting our services.